Thursday, June 12, 2014

Third Week's The Charm

This week we had two seminars that the interns had to attend. The first was about the USDA and the most common violations that can be avoided once we knew about them. I learned about USDA standards for animal enclosures, exhibits, facilities, etc. I now have a healthy respect of USDA visits. The second and much more entertaining one was the first of a series about animal training, specifically about bridging. It made me remember (barely) my animal training class, and it was a much needed refresher. We also had a brief seminar on edible browse (plants) for the animals found in and around the park. I also learned how to whistle on a leaf! Useful life skill right there. Sunday, June 8 was World Oceans Day,a day to celebrate conservation efforts for our oceans . The Topeka Zoo had tables and activities set out so that children (and lucky interns) could enjoy some ocean-themed fun. We even got to make shark hats!

This week I've worked in the same three areas: Children's Zoo, Animals and Man, and North Range. While I was working in NR there was a decent sized thunderstorm, so it was interesting to see the differences in morning routines when certain animals had to be kept inside for their (and our) safety. I got to feed the mountain lions, the otters, and the ponies that are at the zoo for the month! Cleaning up the enclosures in the rain was a challenge in some areas.

In A&M I got to help with giraffe feedings, which is always fun. I also got to feed Vision (the West Nile Hippopotamus) some and lettuce as a treat. We interns got to see Jessie (Reticulated Giraffe) get some hoof work done and get some blood drawn.

CZ was entertaining because we introduced Molly the baby cow to a ball and she was both terrified and interested in it at the same time, so she'd sniff it then run around freaking out then sniff it again. Adorable.

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